Patient Testimonials

Gregg Johnston

Gregg JohnstonMy name is Gregg Johnston. You performed a mini hip replacement on me 12/5/2018. I wanted to email you and tell you what a fantastic job you did. I am a cyclist. I was very concerned about being able to ride again. You told me I would be better than my past two years of cycling while dealing with my arthritic hip. You were right. Not only am i 100% pain free but i am stronger than i have been in quite some time. My riding group is amazed at my mechanics on the bike and how strong I am now. I started riding approx. 10 weeks after surgery with the approval of Dr. Lancaster. Last week I just completed a 72 mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe with a lot of climbing. My hip did great. My friends and family were truly amazed at my accomplishment.

Thank you

Vivienne Schiffer

Yesterday was my first visit here, and I was really impressed. The practice was super busy, but so well run, I was in and out in an hour - including x-rays. The staff was courteous and attentive, and seemed to enjoy their work. Met with Dr. Kreuzer, who was clearly well-qualified and knew what he was doing, but was also friendly, casual and approachable. He recommended a conservative approach, so it doesn't appear this practice is focused on selling expensive therapies or unnecessary surgeries. I highly recommend these folks.

Natalie Henderson

Staff is friendly and helpful. Appreciated bed-side manner of the Doctor (Kreuzer) and his PA (Kevin) and most of the nurses. Ashley the date planner is wonderful and so helpful. They are swift and efficient, so you aren't just there forever waiting, but don't feel too rushed while visiting. We have to drive 3 hours to come see them so it better be worth our time. Only had core decompression in one hip so far- scheduled for total hip replacement in a few months. With BCBS HMO had to do 1st Surgical Hospital. Not a bad experience there. Happy so far!

Judy Schafer

Today was my 2 year follow up for my hip replacement I had in 2016. I was so pleased to know it is doing great. I started back into tennis after 1 year following my surgery . I am moving well . So thankful for Dr. Stefan Kreuzer who did my surgery. I highly recommend Inov8 Orthopedics!

Catherine Gum

I highly recommend Stefan Kreuzer. He replaced my terrible right hip on 3/26 and it has been an amazing experience. I don’t have any of the severe pain I was experiencing and I walk evenly now. He has a very professional team and they have taken really great care of me.

Brian Brock

I went to see Dr Kreuzer for my hips. He was very patient and thorough and answered all the questions I had. It is very obvious that he is very knowledgeable and experienced you never would highly recommend him.

Robert Zimmerman

The best ! Dr Kreuzer and the Inov8 team are the go to pros when other Dr's want their knees done. He is the sharp one in the cutting edge of knee and hip surgery.

Craig Longcor

I have had both hips replaced at Inov8 Orthopedics by Dr. Stefan Kreuzer. I am now running/walking 3-7 miles per day. The recovery on both replacements was surprisingly easy with only minor discomfort and no real pain. One of the best decisions I have made was to have the replacements and to use Dr. Kreuzer at Inov8.

Marcie Zlotnik

Dr K is probably the kindest doctor i've had the pleasure of knowing. He will spend whatever time you need to fully understand the issue and work with you to solve your problem even if it means sending you to someone else. His only goal is to get you better! His staff is equally as considerate and accessible. Highly recommend.

Michelle Rush

I had very minimal wait time as a new patient. Went directly to x-ray and that department was able add my knees to be xrayed, even though I forgot to mention that when I scheduled my appointment. Dr Kruezer explained what was going on with me, answered my questions and referred me out to physical therapy for both my hip and knees. My husband was referred to Dr Kreuzer from a friend who had a hip replacement and now my husband is having knee work done.


I am fixing to have a knee replacement on my right knee on May 9th and I love Dr. Stephen Kruezer , he did a left knee replacement on November 1, 2011. and I think he is an amazing person and the greatest orthopedic specialist in this USA. He and his team are just amazing, his office staff is TOP NOTCH. I would recommend this Inov8 Orthopedics group to everyone.

Clark Jernigan

I am an orthopedic surgeon and traveled to Houston from SC for Dr Kreuzer's skill evaluating and treating painful hip osteoarthritis. I now have a new left hip done by him. I am 100% pleased with his decision making, discussion, surgery, and outcome. His team is excellent. When my other hip needs replacement I intend to ask Dr Kreuzer if he will do the surgery.

John Sparks

I was scheduled for 2 hips and 1 knee replacement with another surgeon and was having major communication issues with his staff & hospital so I did a search and after exploring their website scheduled an appointment with Dr. Kreuzer at INOV8 ... so glad I did! They scheduled me in within a few days for the initial consultation and my experiences with the receptionist, the nurse, the x-ray tech, Dr. Kreuzer, the scheduler and the other staff in passing was a friendly & pleasant experience. I'm sure when I'm done with all 3 procedures I'll be on a 1st name basis with everyone in the office!!!

Kelly Amen

Dr. Kreuzer did an absolutely fantastic job with my hip replacement. His clinic is top notch. The staff, the process, the technology, the results of my surgery - all flawless. His pertnership with Memorial Herman is absolutely fantastic. I was completely amazed with how easy my surgery was. I know it is a result of Dr. Kreuzer’s expertise and leadership. I would recommend Dr. Kreuzer to anyone for this surgery.


As of the time of this review, I'm in the 8th day following a full knee replacement. All has gone very well up to this point. At this stage of the process, I would definitely recommend Dr. Kreutzer and his staff at Inov8 Orthopedics.

Liza Cuero

I have suffered with knee pain for several years. I went from crutches, cane,and then a walker before I was 50! Finally I needed a rollater with a seat. I was referred to several higly respected orthopedic surgeons. Who barely took the time to hear and listen to my concerns. I gave up, now fast forward I am 54 my daily life was torture! Until I had surgery on 2/14/18. My Dr Krueger and his team have given me a new lease on life. The care and straight talk approach is so refreshing. I was able to walk standing straight hours after a total knee replacement! If you want and appreciate the Truth with a plan! This is where you need to be!!!!! Bless you all...#8daysandcounting!!!!

Christine Adams

My experience with Dr. Kreuzer and his staff at Inov8 Orthopedics has exceeded my expectations.

In 2017, Dr. Kreuzer replaced both of my hips in total hip replacements in two surgeries within three months time. I write this review three months after my second surgery and have just returned from a weekend away that included hiking and lots of walking and enjoying my family and physical health. I didn't experience any discomfort or lack of functioning. I didn't take a single ibuprofen because I am completely pain free and recovered to full-functioning capability.

I am grateful for Dr. Kreuzer's dedication to innovation that has brought Houston the anterior approach to hip surgery. Read about this type of surgery on his website. It is not the hip replacement that you watched your relatives have and recover from a decade or two ago. It is minimally invasive (no muscle was cut and my small scars are disappearing) and the recovery time post op was incredibly short. I was thoroughly prepared for surgery and for recovery. The only surprise for this patient is how good I feel, how normal my life is once again.

In addition to providing outstanding medical care, Dr. Kreuzer has assembled and organized a highly professional and capable medical team. Everyone in the office - doctors, PAs, nurses, administrators, staff -is professional, informed, and capable. I always looked forward to seeing the staff at Inov8 for appointments. The office uses modern tools to communicate daily with recovering patients, and whenever I had a question or concern a staff member responded that day with support.

I have total confidence in the care team at Inov8 and recommend Dr. Kreuzer and his team without reservation.

Hans Gottwald

Stefan Kreutzer is the best Orthopedic Doctor in the Houston Metro Area my wife and I both have used him .

Denise Elizondo

Dr. Kreuzer has changed my life. I had a total hip replacement back in June and I have absolutely NO pain. God has sent him to me. Staff is wonderful as well.

Donald Orsomarso

I had my hip replacement 2 weeks ago. Dr. Kreuzer, who I consider to actually be Superman in disguise, saved me from a life of almost constant pain., after I had been misdiagnosed for several years by other doctors as having spinal disc problems. He and his staff fit me into his schedule on short notice, and made the entire experience fear-free. He is an amazing human being. He puts compassion and human healing above profits. I seriously mean that. His staff, including Sri and Ashlee and P.A. Alex, are the kindest people you could ever want to meet. I am still healing, but I know it has worked, as now I can walk normally (still on a walker) and have weight bearing on my right side. I am told I am going to eventually need the left hip done as well, but in these people's hands I am not afraid. I thank God I found Inov8 Orthopedics, as I really believe they have been an answer to prayer. If all experiences were this great, I would always have tears of joy. I want my 10 year old to be a surgeon like Dr. Kreuzer some day! :-) Do not let any fear stop you from getting free of debilitating hip osteoarthritis and pain. I wish I had done this 3 years ago.

Skyler LaBuff

I cannot thank Dr. Kreuzer and his wonderful staff enough for giving me my pain-free life back. I met with six other respected and experienced orthopedic surgeons all over Houston before making my final decision on who would replace my hip. I'm 33, a lifelong competitive athlete (soccer), and had been diagnosed via MRI and X-rays about 3 years ago with osteoarthritis of the right hip only. Over the years I had cortico-steroid and hyaluronic acid (SyncviscOne) injections every 4-6 months to help deal with the pain and stiffness and to extend the life of the joint. But over the course of a year I went from painful soccer to crutches and extreme pain and loss of joint function. Dr. Kreuzer was the ONLY surgeon who thought of and demanded a joint fluid sample via aspiration before he would consider how to proceed, as he suspected an infection. Thank you Dr. Kreuzer, as we both know you were right on. Unfortunately that meant that I had to have two-stage septic native joint replacement surgeries, but that was the RIGHT INSTINCT and the only way to go about treating me for the best end result. Other surgeons might have just blasted through me, installed something, then it failed due to infection. You can trust Dr. Kreuzer to know what is best and how to BEST do it. He teaches the direct anterior approach using the latest software and guidance/navigation systems all over the world. He is a master of his craft. He is an artist among his peers, some of whom I would consider carpenters compared to his skill level and expertise. My scars are flat and clean, recovery time and pain were minimal, and placement angles and leg length are perfect. I have the Corin Mini-Hip with ceramic on ceramic and I couldn't be happier. 8 weeks post my second surgery for hardware install (6 weeks in-between with antibiotic loaded bone cement spacer which was beautifully crafted) and I am hiking, biking, and swimming again pain free and it feels just like my other perfectly-fine hip in every way. Dr. Kreuzer and his entire Inov8 staff/operation are world-class. Choose wisely, I know I did.

Ahmed Serag-Eldin

Extremely competent surgeon, very accommodating and courteous staff. I needed a total hip replacement on both sides. Although over sixty years of age I am very athletic, with that in mind Dr. Kruezer reviewed my options and suggested I have the Mini Hip procedure. The first was done on January 4th, 2017, the second on January 18th, 2017, yes, only two weeks apart. It has now been a little over two months since my first operation, and I am walking my dogs at a brisk pace 2 miles per day, and have been able to return to swimming over 1 mile, along with other non impact exercises. I am a professional pilot, and will return to work at the 3 month point. The combination of Dr. Kruezer, his staff, and the Orthopedic unit at Memorial City, Herman Memorial Hospital proved to be a seamless and exceptionally organized experience. Wether you are an athlete no longer able to do those athletic activities of choice, or a non athlete in pain, I highly recommend you see Dr. Kruezer.

Bill O'Brien

A+ Dr Kreuzer and his team did an amazing job with my right side total hip replacement. I am 45 and athletic so this surgery was of significant importance to me. Dr Kreuzer spent a lot of time going over the issue and the ways he could repair it.

His staff was excellent in the pre-surgery planning and answering a myriad of questions that I had. The surgery itself went quite well with a quick recovery. My visits to the team post surgery were very informative and I feel that I had all of my questions answered thoroughly.

I would highly recommend Dr Kreuzer as a surgeon. He is a wonderful doctor with a highly skilled staff to back him up.

J Walther

I came to Dr. Kreuzer after having an unsatisfactory consult with another orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Kreuzer took the time to answer my many questions to my satisfaction and helped me analyze my healthcare needs. At his suggestion I had allergy tests prior to my knee replacement surgery to test for sensitivity to metals and surgical cement. As it turns out, I was allergic to the cement. Because of this, I had to have a completely different type of knee prostheses, which his office was able to locate in Australia and get to the hospital for my surgery 4 days later. I was impressed. I had no complications post op, but I was not surprised because of Dr. Kreuzer's drive for excellence and innovation. Dr. Kreuzer obviously goes the extra mile for his patients and I feel fortunate to have had him as my surgeon for my first knee replacement and have scheduled my second replacement with him for next year.

Mini Hip Replacement

Peter M

Our work on my hip continues to have great results.

Peter Mullarkey

Anterior Hip Resurfacing Testimonials

Direct approach to hip replacement

Jill Porter is a lifelong athlete who pounds the pavement on courts and fields across a variety of sports. So when her left hip started hurting, she hoped it was something that rehabilitation and anti-inflammatories would take care of.

New operating table improves hip replacement surgery

Using a device that looks more like a torture rack than a surgical table, surgeons are now able to replace a hip through the front of the pelvis, limiting tissue and muscle damage and leading to faster recovery.

Steve Goulet

Greetings from Houston, Texas! On December 10, 2008 I had a Cormet Hip Resurfacing prosthesis using the direct anterior approach performed by Dr. Stefan Kreuzer. The anterior direct approach (also known as “Smith Peteresen”) is relatively rare in the U.S. as many surgeons have not yet been trained with this approach.

David M.

On the right is a photograph of a trip I made to Mexico in November. Here I am just 3 months after the [anterior hip resurfacing] surgery on top looking down at our vehicles (red circle). No pain, no problems. It gives an idea of where I am at physically right now after the surgery. Many thanks to Dr. Kreuzer and everyone at Memorial Bone and Joint. Thanks a bunch.

Nancy O

I had been having significant pain in my right hip for over 2 years and had been told by several doctors that I had arthritis and would have to wait for it to become much worse before anything.

Jay C. Cooke

I’m 48 years old and just had my hip resurfaced using the anterior approach on 11/3/08 by Dr. Stefan Kreuzer. I spent some time on the surfacehippy website to educate myself prior to my surgery which helped a lot. I do however feel very little is mentioned about the anterior approach which I believe is just as important technology as is the resurfacing.

Big Bill

I go in for resurfacing on 7/9. My surgeon is Dr. Stefan Kreuzer at Memorial Bone & Joint in Houston. He has done 50 resurfacings to date. He does the anterior approach (see the animated video on his website) and is using.

John Drake

I’m 48 years old and just had my hip resurfaced using the anterior approach on 11/3/08 by Dr. Stefan Kreuzer. I spent some time on the surfacehippy website to educate myself prior to my surgery which helped a lot. I do however feel very little is mentioned about the anterior approach which I believe is just as important technology as is the resurfacing.

Nigel Church

I am a 55 year old male. I have been active all my life in various sports which ultimately led to my hip cartilage damage.

Raeburn Marshall

In March 2009 hip pain had significantly negatively impacted my life. Performing basic daily functions became extremely difficult.


Anterior Total Hip Replacement Testimonials

Lisa Daniels

Dr Kreuzer performed a bilateral hip replacement on me a couple of years ago and at 54 I was worried what the future would hold. The surgery went so well pain was minimal I was back to work as a pharmaceutical sales representative quickly and life resumed without crutches and pain I currently enjoy crossfit hiking traveling and just having fun in fact last summer I hiked Hadrians Wall in northern England for a week over 64 miles thanks to Dr Kreuzer and his staff I have a pain free active life.

Jackie Watkins

When I first started coming to your office in 2008, I was in so much pain due to Osteoarthritis intense in the left hip! On September 14, 2012, I decided to become pain free by way of recommended surgery using the Direct Anterior Approach with Stryker Navigation and with your anointed hands. You had encouraged me over the years to do this sooner than later; but being in denial I thought I could deal with it. I’m kicking myself daily for waiting as long as I did, I can hear your voice saying “I told you so”.

I was back at work Monday, September 24, 2012, without the use of a walker, crutch or cane.

Dr. Kreuzer you made my experiences at Memorial Bone and Joint Clinic a life-changing milestone that I tell everybody about! Thanks to you and your wonderful staff, I am able to return to what I love doing most being outside, jogging, fishing and walking with my beautiful miniature Schnauzer, who has plenty of attitude. I am amazed and it feels nothing shy of a miracle as if Jesus came down and touched me personally. When I tell people that I recently underwent hip replacement surgery, they gather two or more individuals as they are in disbelief that I am up walking and moving around as I am. I have written your contact information on napkins, grocery bags, envelopes and have texted and twitted your information to many.

Dr. Kreuzer you helped me take 4 years of fear/denial and toss it out the door and I can’t thank you enough for my new life.

And thank you, Yesenia, Linda, Kathy, Emily, and TEAM. Your excellence has changed my life.

Robert M. Lawrence

Dr. Kruezer, Dr. Cupic, Mike and the rest of the staff:

I had total hip replacement on Monday, was up and walking without any assistance on Tuesday, and am now home on Wednesday, just after noon. I have been essentially pain free the whole time.

Dr. Kruezer assured me of my chances of a good outcome, but did not over-promise. He instead over-delivered! Hardly any of my friends or family believe my experience, and to be honest I am having some dis-belief myself. But seeing is believing, and that is what happened.

I can't thank you adequately, but let me just say- you’re the best!

Barbara H.

Barbara H. is a 65 year old female who had been suffering from arthritis for many years. Once she finally decided to have a hip replacement done, she received a new approach, “The Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Approach.” She was amazed about her recovery.

Barbara H. said: “I never had any pain. I had my surgery on Tuesday, I walked over 1,000 feet on Thursday, did stairs by myself, and I went to church on Sunday carrying my cane.” Michelle her physical therapist said: “I have never seen anybody recover so fast from a hip replacement and when I watched her walk two days after surgery I could not tell which hip was replaced.”

Barbara H. was dismissed from her physical therapist after the third session since they did not feel that they could contribute any more to her recovery. “They were all amazed because they were also going to other people’s homes that had hip replacement surgery with the traditional approach and the patient had difficulties getting out of bed 2 to 3 weeks after surgery,” Barbara H. said.

Clarence B.

As I begin writing, my new hip has been in place for only 10 days. But what an amazing 10 days it has been. As the Blond Bomber, Dave Draper (27 & 60, Personalities) might say, I’m soaring high above the clouds in bright sunlight. Thanks to the marvelous new approach pioneered and perfected in this country by Los Angeles-based Joel Matta, MD, the mentor of my surgeon Swiss-born Stefan Kreuzer, MD, I’m more optimistic about the future than ever. I can’t wait any longer to begin telling you about it.

Dick B.

Ahoy Mates, this is the story about a new, unbelievable, sensational, total hip joint replacement surgical procedure which I have just experienced.


It seems like a miracle. I had osteoarthritic pain for the last 4 – 5 years in my left hip. I had been to two other orthopaedic surgeons in Austin, Texas who told me I needed a hip replacement. This was prior to the anterior approach and I just kept putting it off waiting for something better and was just less active to keep the pain down.

Lynn M

I’m 48 years old and just had my hip resurfaced using the anterior approach on 11/3/08 by Dr. Stefan Kreuzer. I spent some time on the surfacehippy website to educate myself prior to my surgery which helped a lot. I do however feel very little is mentioned about the anterior approach which I believe is just as important technology as is the resurfacing.

Don B.

I have had both hips replaced, the first ten years ago utilizing the posterior approach. The recovery was very difficult. I was on crutches for about 6 weeks and went through several months of painful rehabilitation. In 2007 I had to have my other hip replaced. However, thanks to Dr. Stefan Kreuzer and his anterior approach, things were much different. I walked out of the hospital less than 2 days after surgery using only a cane for stability. My rehab was to walk 20 to 30 minutes twice a day. 6 weeks after surgery I was playing golf again. Having had both types of surgery, I can testify that in my case, Dr. Kreuzer and the anterior approach meant less pain, rehab, and a much faster recovery.


I have had both hips replaced. The first ten years ago utilizing the posterior approach. The recovery was very difficult. I was on crutches for about 6 weeks and went through several months of.

Cynthia & Emmanuel

For several years I suffered with arthritis in both of my hips. However, for reasons that now seem ridiculous, I put off hip surgery. I just did not feel comfortable having the surgery. I seemed to have some underlying nagging doubts. Through a series of very interesting quirks of fate I found myself at Memorial Bone and Joint Clinic. Looking back I realize that.

James M

My hip was replaced in May of 2004. I needed no physical therapy after leaving the hospital. I drove my self to the grocery store on the 7th day

Rhoda B

I had severe pain in my left hip for 2 years for one reason or another I did not want to have surgery. I guess I was just thinking about the after.

Ken R

I had my surgery on July 18, 2007 and stayed in the hospital for only 2 days. I rehabed at my home for 2 weeks.

Betty K

On 11/12/07 I had a total right hip replacement. I was hospitalized for three days. After I arrived home, I immediately began to walk about the house and, in a few days, to the end of the driveway.

David W

On February 7, 2007 I had a total left hip replacement. I had my surgery on a Wednesday morning and I was walking the following morning with only the help of a walker.

Julie W

At 44, facing a hip replacement seemed RIDICULOUS! Dr. K agreed, but also knew how much pain I was feeling, the limited mobility I had, and the.

Gary E

When your 86 year old father-in-law says you walk worse than he does, it gets your attention. I had been an active (golf, gym work, yard work, etc) 57 year old.

Diana B

Having been misdiagnosed for a long time and having tried other conservative methods without success, including core decompression of the left hip, I eventually went to see Dr. Kreuzer on the advice of a friend who had had two successful hip replacements done by him.

Nigel C

I saw Dr. K in November 2007. At the time I could barely walk, my right hip was bone on bone with the cartilage worn away due to years of sport.

Steve H

I had a hip replaced using the posterior approach 9 years ago and the other hip replaced using the anterior approach in October 2008. As I told Dr. Kreuzer at my post-op visit, the anterior is a “cakewalk” compared to the posterior.

Ken D

I wanted to dance at my son’s wedding on 6/7, and after having surgery on 4/1, I was able to do that.


Dr. Kreuzer,

I just got back from a show in Houston and stayed with my brother Dr. J.A. and I told him how appreciative I was about the hip replacement. He suggested I write you a note. I had thought about doing this anyway but this morning I had the brilliant idea of using my new apple laptop since my old computer was a hideous dinosaur and this way I spare you the chore of reading my handwriting which is slightly better than my brother’s.

Anyway, to finally get to the point!!!! This operation has been amazing, and now that I am almost 4 months out I feel extraordinary energy and vitality. I do not think I comprehended how much energy was going to my bad hip physically and mentally. I did not want to go to medical solutions for the problem so there was so much resistance and sadness that I could not conquer the situation on my own. Now I feel so good I wonder what the fuss was about. Friends were amazed at how speedy the recovery was and I kept saying it was an amazing operation.

Makoplasty® Testimonials

Susan Hemminger
Jerry H.

Thirty days have gone by and I am now (waited to see the results) going to write a letter to Foundation Surgical Hospital as well as post this to the Rotary District 5890 website which is looked at by over 4000 Rotarians plus their family and friends. Dr. K and the Mako Plasty procedure should be shared with the world. As far as I am concerned this truly is a medical miracle. Walking without pain is the most wonderful thing. It really changed my life. I will always be in your debt.

On 10/31/07 I had a partial knee replacement operation. I walked (sort of) in like a duck, and at 9:30 they took me to the OR and I was back in my room by 1:00. At 1:30 a nurse came and said it was time to walk. I walked without a limp, cane or knee pain. The arthritic knee joint cannot have gone past a certain stage, but if a person is there it is like a miracle. If you would like to see this computer driven surgery info go to My surgeon, Dr. Stefan Kreuzer, was very skillful and more than great, and the Mako Surgical computer controlled the boundaries of the drill so the hole for the implant was perfect. If a person could use this procedure that would be wonderful. There are only 5 of these machines in the world, one of which is here in Houston at Foundation Surgical Hospital and there only two surgeons in Houston certified to use the machine. I know in my heart that my doctor is the best! I am going to write an article for the Rotary District website. There are a lot of Rotarians in the 50 to 70 age group that could benefit.

Please note that I do daily exercises and take walks to strengthen my leg and get the range of motion in my knee back. It is great to walk without pain (I get very emotional about this!). I also lost 26 pounds which I needed to do anyway, but good physical shape improves the outcome of anything.

Read Jerry's Letters to Foundation Surgical Hospital and the Rotary District


Femoro Acetabular Impingement (FAI) Testimonials

On Sept. 8th I had hip surgery in your hospital (Memorial Hermann). Dr. Stefan Kreuzer was my surgeon. I had been having significant pain in my right hip for over 2 years and had been told by several doctors that I had arthritis and would have to wait for it to become much worse before anything could be done. Dr. Kreuzer was able to identify anterior femoroacetabular impingement instead. He was able to correct the condition successfully. I am writing to thank you for providing the special table that was used in my surgery. I know that it is expensive and not many hospitals have them. Without that table, I would still be in pain and have difficulty walking. I can now play with my grandchildren, walk without a limp and enjoy life once more – a true gift. I am so grateful to Memorial Hermann and to Dr. Kreuzer. The recovery was quick and easy. Because of your hospital and this talented doctor I am living pain free once again – a true blessing. Thank you and may God bless your hospital and the work done there.

Nancy O’Gorman

Knee Surgery

New technology eliminates guesswork in knee surgeries

Operating with a computer-assisted visualization guide consisting of one high-def TV for Dr. Stefan Kreuzer and another for an associate who keeps watch over the software, a robotic arm gently directs the surgeon’s hand as he chisels an ever-so-precise chunk from the tip of a patient’s arthritis-damaged femur. Should Kreuzer wander off course the least little bit, the computer squawks irritably, then locks him down cold.



Carroll Wade Pogue

Pogue Carroll Wade Pogue, died Thursday, October 13 following an eight month struggle with declining health. He was born in O’Donnell, Texas, November 19, 1925, to Chester Pogue and Mamie Cogburn Pogue. He spent his childhood and teen years in Throckmorton, Texas, until he joined the Navy in March 1944. He was discharged in May 1946, having spent fourteen months of sea duty in the Pacific.