Betty K Testimonials

On 11/12/07 I had a total right hip replacement. I was hospitalized for three days. After I arrived home, I immediately began to walk about the house and, in a few days, to the end of the driveway. I did not have to take a single pain pill. For a week, I had mild discomfort only while walking, but since then no pain at all. Last week I walked a mile around my neighborhood. I am the organist in my church. Before my surgery, I sat near the organ throughout the service so as not to subject the congregation to my limping and holding on to things. When I returned to church after surgery, I almost pranced from the podium to sit with friends in the congregation and back up for the closing hymn. Every eye was on me. I am thankful not only to be pain free but also to have had major surgery without complications. In a month I will celebrate my seventy-fifth birthday.

Betty K