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Our unique combination of up-to-date research and our extensive experience sets us apart from other orthopedic surgeons. We listen to our patients, evaluate their problems, and discuss treatment options, risks, benefits, and alternative treatments.

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Stefan Kreuzer, MD

As a board-certified and fellowship-trained joint replacement surgeon, Stefan Kreuzer, MD, has pioneered the development in Minimally-Invasive and Computer-Assisted hip and knee replacement surgery.

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Optimised Position System process Corin OPS

The OPS process incorporates pre-operative functional imaging to create a detailed analysis of the way your hip moves during defferent daily activities. This analysis provides the surgeon more information on how to optimize the position of your new hip replacement to suit the unique way in which your body movies.

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3D miniature optical navigation device Intellijoint HIP®

Intellijoint HIP® is a 3D miniature optical navigation device that provides surgeons with accurate, real-time intraoperative measurements to ensure proper selection and positioning of the new implant during hip replacement surgery.

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New technology eliminates guess-work in knee surgeries

Operating with a computer-assisted visualization guide consisting of one high-def TV for Dr. Stefan Kreuzer and another for an associate who keeps watch over the software, a robotic arm gently directs the surgeon’s hand as he chisels.

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Patient Testimonials
Direct Approach to Hip Replacement
  • You told me I would be better than my past two years of cycling while dealing with my arthritic hip. You were right. Not only am i 100% pain free but i am stronger than i have been in quite some time.

    ~ Gregg Johnston ~

  • Dr Kruezer did both of my hip replacements. He is an incredible doctor and his entire staff is very attentive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and his team!

    ~ Myrna Sanders ~

  • Dr Kreuzer did a hip replacement for me. Unbelievable service and instant relief. It has been 2 years and I have never felt better!

    ~ Carolyn Yapp ~

  • I am a 55 year old male. I have been active all my life in various sports which ultimately led to my hip cartilage damage.

    ~ Nigel Church ~

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