Diana B Testimonials

Having been misdiagnosed for a long time and having tried other conservative methods without success, including core decompression of the left hip, I eventually went to see Dr. Kreuzer on the advice of a friend who had had two successful hip replacements done by him.

Prior to 18 months ago I had been a very fit, active and healthy 69 yr.old female but the red-hot knifelike pains deep in the left groin had me limping and crawling around, constantly popping pain pills and feeling very miserable and so OLD!! I was very hesitant and not at all ready for more major surgery which was Dr. K’s suggestion. However, on January 7, 2009 I had a total left hip replacement done by Dr. Kreuzer and his wonderful staff and have never looked back.

I was in hospital 3 days and have not touched a pain pill since I left hospital. I was a little stiff and sore but to be able to put one’s foot down firmly without any excruciating pain was a miracle in itself and I was walking with a walker immediately and within a week was using just a cane and attempting to walk alone. The recovery has been so quick and easy.

Dr. Kreuzer has given me my life back again and I cannot recommend highly enough Dr. K. and his wonderful staff and their minimally invasive hip surgery.

Diana B