Ned G Testimonials

It seems like a miracle. I had osteoarthritic pain for the last 4 – 5 years in my left hip. I had been to two other orthopaedic surgeons in Austin, Texas who told me I needed a hip replacement. This was prior to the anterior approach and I just kept putting it off waiting for something better and was just less active to keep the pain down.

Then we moved to the Houston area and it turned out our next door neighbor’s son was a representative for Stryker Hip Replacement joints. He told me Doctor Stefan Kreuzer was the only surgeon he would recommend because he did the anterior approach which also required a special operating table. There were only two tables in Houston and Dr. Kreuzer, as Chief of Orthopaedics, Memorial Hermann, Memorial City Hospital, had access to one of them and the special training and experience required to perform this surgery.

I am 60 years old, not overweight, and previously fairly active. The surgery was done on May 25, 2006 and I was walking with the aid of a walker, which I barely needed, the evening of the surgery. The next day I was walking all around the orthopaedic floor hardly using the walker. The next day I was discharged and walked to the parking garage where my wife drove me home. The following day my wife and I went to the neighbor’s Memorial Holiday party and people were amazed that I was walking without any aid. I haven’t used any walking aids since and have been driving, walking, and going up and down stairs everyday since.

Yes, I had some swelling, numbness, and aching in that left leg, but it has gotten better each day. Although no muscles are cut there still is a lot of trauma to the leg during the procedure that takes time to heal.

Today, thirteen days post surgery, I had a visit with Dr. Kreuzer. He seemed very pleased with my recovery and my walking ability and gave me no restrictions on activities. He authorized me to return to work next Monday.

Dr. Kreuzer used a Smith & Nephew titanium shaft with an Oxinium ball and a Stryker titanium cup with a high density polyethylene insert. The Oxinium ball is produced exclusively by Smith & Nephew and has the wear characteristics of ceramic without the risk of breaking. Dr. Kreuzer helped design the stem and ball. Dr. Kreuzer explained that the only part likely to wear out is the polyethylene cup over time. It can be replaced without changing the other parts through the same type of one incision, anterior approach, surgery.

I feel very lucky that Dr. Kreuzer was recommended to me and extremely impressed with his ability and expertise to perform this unique surgery. I was also very pleased with the staff at Memorial Hermann, Memorial City Hospital.

Ned G.